Available again: Where to Buy Raspberry PI Zero 2 W, the 20$ computer


Last Updated on 7th July 2023 by peppe8o

Differently from the other posts of this blog, this isn’t a tutorial.

But I loved so much the Raspberry PI Zero W, so I can’t wait to buy the new Raspberry PI Zero 2 W.

The problem

After a long time of waiting for the chip shortage to end and for the wolves around the Raspberry PI computer boards re-solding at crazy prices, finally the small computer availability seems to be back for humans at human prices.

The Promise

As promised by Eben Upton in his recent interviews, in July it appears that the Raspberry PI official resellers have filled again their stocks, but I’m looking at these new stocks that are fastly decreasing.

As for Raspberry PI Foundation I’m a simple user like all the other people (I’ve never received a board for preview before the launch), I had to wait like you in order to buy it without selling one of my kidney to get the money.

Got It!

Today I get my Raspberry PI Zero 2 W, and I’m preparing my post with my very first impressions, but I was wishing to share with you where these boards are sold again with the official price (that should be around 20$).

Where to Buy the Raspberry PI Zero 2 W

Ok, let me go directly to the point. Of course, the fastest way to get the computer board is to check if there are Amazon sellers in your local market that are doing the things in the right way (which means with the right price -> still around 20$). The following link will bring you directly to your local Amazon store with the preset search:

Amazon Raspberry PI Zero 2 W

If you don’t find it there, you can check the websites of Raspberry PI Foundation’s official reseller:

Of course, there are available again also other Raspberry PI computer boards by scrolling through the Raspberry PI approved resellers page and checking their shops.

Please let share in the comment area if you want to share availability at the right price in other online shops.

What’s Next

Stay tuned with my blog, as the first review of the Raspberry PI Zero 2 W is coming soon!

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