Elegoo starter kits: Arduino based electronics for dummies


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While working with Raspberry PI, I often see on search engines results many Arduino projects connecting electronic sensors and devices. So I ended deciding to give it a try and enter this amazing world so spread within makers. Looking for available starter kits on eCommerce I noticed one coming from an industry I already experienced in my Control a simple stepper motor with a Raspberry PI project: Elegoo.

The kit I’m going to review is ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial and UNO R3 Compatible with Arduino IDE.

By the way, I was able to contact Elegoo Marketing Team and obtained a special coupon for peppe8o.com readers to get a discount on Amazon for Elegoo kits. Please scroll down this page to find it. Code expiring on Feb, 22th!

If you want to understand the main differences between Arduino and Raspberry Pi, please refer to my Arduino vs Raspberry PI article.

Differences Between Arduino And Elegoo Controller Board

This is the first question everybody asks himself. the answer is quite simple: an only factory where it was built. Arduino is an open-source project and Elegoo is using the same project to build its board. In fact, also Elegoo Industries invites customers to evaluate a donation to the Arduino project. Supporting Arduino Foundation is the best way to assure these amazing projects can continue in future to enjoy young and old people. Also from me, consider contributing to Arduino with the following link: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Contribute

Elegoo Super Starter Kit Description

elegoo prime packaging

Ordered from Amazon, this kit arrived in a few days. Shipped from Amazon, the overall packaging merits few words for care on details and security which come both from the shipper and the producer. The outer package is the classic Amazon Prime one, with a bubble bag securing products from accidental shocks. This bag is about 25×38 cm.


Opening the Prime package, a second bubble bag come from Elegoo Industries. A 22×25 cm bag protects doubly my kit. What confirms care on the packaging is a lateral label suggesting the customer reject and do not sign the package if the seal on this bubble bag is damaged or peeled off.

Inside The Bags…

Once opened the second bag, content appears well suited in a solid case (please find below the top and bottom pictures):

This case is 20x15x5 cm and its weight is about 600g. Opening the case we can find all items ordered and carefully packaged in single small sachets. A useful list and description are printed below the cover, to better identify single components and their function.

Kit components are listed in the following table:

Uno R3 Controller boardLCD 1602 modulePrototype Expansion Module
Power Supply ModuleULN2003 Stepper Module Driver ModuleStepper Motor
Servo Motor SG905V RelayIR Receiver module
Joystic ModuleDHT11 Temperature and Humidity ModuleUltrasonic Sensor
Fan Blade and 3-6V MotorActive BuzzerPassive Buzzer
74HC595 ICL293DButton
Potentiometer1 Digit 7-Segment Display 4 Digit 7-Segment Display
Tilt Ball SwitchRomote830 Tie-points Breadboard
USB CableFemale-to-Male Dupont WireBreadboard Jumper Wire
9V Battery with Snap-on Connector ClipResistorsLEDs
RGB LEDsThermistorDiode Rectifier
Photoresistor (Photcell)NPN TransistorCD with guides and examples

The only suggestion I can give to Elegoo, is to use a bit bigger case: once pieces are put out of the box, it’s really hard to recompose the puzzle and fit again them in.

Personal Impressions About the Kit

People ordering this kit figure of cheap, little and low quality kit. When the kit arrived, I was positively surprised by both the number of components available inside the kit and the good-to-excellent quality. Every piece can be used alone – for simpler projects – or together with another one – for more and more complex projects – with stunning ease of use. CD and docs on the Elegoo website include clear instruction both on connecting electronics and programming on IDE.

Opening the case I remembered the same emotions I felt when I was young and disrupted RC cars and radio to get a look at their circuits, motors and their working, but never being able to get them back to work. With these kits, also kids are now able to build their personal robots and learn programming and composing circuits in a very few days.

Final Toughts

This kit is a surprising solution capable of attracting interest for children of all ages and makers. It makes it very easy to learn electronics and programming. Like all Arduino projects, its low voltage assures security also for children.

In my opinion, it is the right way to enter the fabulous world of Arduino and start your journey in electronics.


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