List of cheapest must have Raspberry Pi accessories (starting from 1,95$)


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Raspberry PI is a very powerful, small and cheap computer board. You can use it for several projects, many of which can be found in this blog (a selection is also resumed in Best Raspberry PI projects with Open Source software).
There are a number of hardware pieces that can improve your RPI performance of add amazing features. Many of these can be bought with a very affordable expense and will be classified in this post by cost range.

Accessories up to 10$

Heatsink cooling

Some CPU intensive applications can give you RPI hard days. In these conditions, having CPU protected from hot temperatures can assure a longer life to your loved board.

Raspberry pi heatsink

AMAZON – Raspberry PI Heatsinks

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $1,95 – 8pcs for Raspberry Pi Aluminum Heatsink Heat Sink Computer Cooler Radiator For Electronic Chip Heat Dissipation Cooling Pads

Micro SD Card

The most important part of Raspberry PI is its storage: SD card. Its importance is often underestimated and it can drastically boost your RPI performance. It is important to use at least a class 10 micro SD card

SANDISK Ultra 16GB MicroSD

AMAZON – MicroSD Cards

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $5,07 – Original SanDisk 80mb/s class 10 128gb 64gb 32gb 16gb Ultra memory TF micro SD Card 8g 48MB/s freeshipping

Power supply (with switch)

Correct power supply is another performance factor. Some people use common smartphone charger to power RPIs, but even if this could work for low load works, some applications could led to system crashes. Usually Raspberry Pi requires up to 3A (5V) power supply. Also a power switch is comfortable for powering on/off.

Raspberry pi Power Supply

AMAZON – Raspberry PI Power Supply

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $4,39 – 5V 3A Power Supply Charger AC Adapter Micro USB Cable with Power On/Off Switch For Raspberry Pi 3 banana pi 4 4 Model B B+ Plus

HDMI cable

If you want to connect your RPI to a TV, you will need and HDMI cable. Be aware: some RPIs use microHDMI-to-HDMI, other ones use HDMI-to-HDMI cable

Raspberry pi HDMI Cable

AMAZON – Raspberry PI HDMI Cables

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $0,79 – Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable V1.4 1.5M Male to Male Gold Plated HDMI Adapter Cord for Tablet HDTV Android Phone Raspberry Pi 4

Wireless Keyboard with mouse

Keyboards are useful both for controlling your RPI or other devices in your home. With RPI you can use it, for example, with Mediacenter software (like OpenELEC or OSMC)

Wireless keyboard

AMAZON – Wireless Keyboard with Mouse

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $6,38 – VONTAR i8 keyboard backlit Air Mouse 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard Touchpad Handheld for TV BOX Android X96


Electronics projects including Raspberry Pi often require interaction with environment. This can be simple by using single special sensors with a very cheap cost

Raspberry pi sensors

AMAZON – Raspberry PI Sensors

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $7,84 – 16pcs/lot Raspberry Pi 3&Raspberry Pi 2 Model B the sensor module package 16 kinds of sensor

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $8,79 – 37 In 1 Sensor Kits For Arduino Raspberry Pi Beginner Learning Sensor Module Suit Ultimate Top Quality

Accessories from 10$ to 20$

RPI Camera module

Beside the official Raspberry Pi camera module, there are some alternatives that can be cheaper and give better video quality. An example can be a Night Vision Fisheye Camera.

Raspberry pi Camera Module

AMAZON – Raspberry PI Camera Module

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $14,34 – For Raspberry Pi 4 Model B/3B+/3B/2B Night Vision Fisheye Camera 5MP OV5647 130 Degree Focal Adjustable Camera


Some portable projects with RPI require a local display and/or a touchscreen to manage without an HDMI external display. Current technology allows to have a touchscreen with a very affordable price. And with a few more dollars it can be coupled with its case.

Raspberry pi Touchscreen

AMAZON – Raspberry PI Touchscreen

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $11,91 – 3.5 inch Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Touchscreen 480*320 LCD Display + Touch Pen + ABS Case Box for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B / 3B+ /3B

Hi-Fi Raspberry PI DAC

Having a RPI based Media Center is fantastic, but using TV audio outputs is somethimes not enought for most demanding people. Adding an Hi-Fi audio output can be a good compromise for high quality audio lovers.

Raspberry pi Hi-Fi DAC

AMAZON – Raspberry PI Hi-Fi DAC

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $13,99 – DYKB PCM5122 Raspberry pi B+ 2/3B HIFI DAC + Sound Card Digital Audio Module I2S Interface Special Volumio Music PIR 2B 3

Accessories from 20$ to 30$

PI SNES case + controllers

A very cool project with your RPI is installing a Super Ninentendo emulator by using RetroPie. For this, specific case and controllers will complete the wow effect.

Raspberry pi SNES Case

AMAZON – Raspberry PI SNES case

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $25,99 – 52Pi New Version NESPi Case+ Plus Retroflag with Cooling Fan and 2 pcs SNES Gamepad Controller for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ / 3 B / 2 B

Power over Ethernet (PoE) HAT

Raspberry PI can be powered also directly from its Networking cable. This allows users to have only 1 cable to reach RPI, but requires also a PoE capable Switch or a PoE injection system.

Raspberry PI Power over Ethernet (PoE) HAT

AMAZON – Raspberry PI Power over Ethernet (PoE) HAT

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $28,99 – RASPBERRY PI POE HAT The official Power-over-Ethernet add-on board for Raspberry Pi 3B+ P

Accessories over 30$

Raspberry Pi Sense Hat

Sense HAT add your RPI environment interaction sensors. It is important when you plat to use RPI for IOT or home management projects, including Orientation, Pressure, Humidity and Temperature measurement capabilities with a single board.

Raspberry Pi Sense Hat

AMAZON – Raspberry Pi Sense Hat

ALIEXPRESS – STARTING FROM $45,97 – Raspberry Pi Sense HAT with Orientation, Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Sensors Raspberry Pi 3b+ / Pi4

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