Peppe8o in Top 20 Raspberry Pi Blogs, Websites & Influencers list


Last Updated on 20th September 2020 by peppe8o

I’m really honoured to announce that has been included from Feedspot in its Top 20 Raspberry Pi Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020 list.

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Feedspot is an online RSS feed reader with a number of user options to stay tuned with your favourite blogs, influencers and topics. It includes a number of advanced features for users to simplify content sharing and topic research. It also collects websites info and makes top lists according to site authority on specific subject.

This is an important result for me, for these years of hard work on my blog, for my researches on users questions, for my long time (after my real life job) trying to solve issues and making my tutorials more simple as possible to really get Raspberry PI power in hands of people even without any programming experience.

I want to thank you, people for following my blog and making my adventure in Raspberry PI and linux world more and more exciting.

Thank you very much,


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